Lexatrade Forex Broker: User Reviews Collected and Summarized

MetaTrader 4– LexaTrade utilizes the most popular third-party platform in the market. The MT4 is known for its optimum performance, allowing users to place trades simultaneously and conduct analyses in an efficient manner. More so, it grants access to live market prices and liquidity, all while enabling robust security and stability. The most interesting about […]

Is milk a colloid, mixture, compound, or an element

Milk is primarily a fat-protein emulsion in water, with dissolved sugar (carbohydrates), minerals, and vitamins are thrown in for good measure. Each of those constituents is either compound, group of compounds or element. They combine together to form a liquid called milk. A compound is defined as a material made up of several similar molecules […]

Support And Resistance Trading Strategy S&R?

Hence for the reasons stated above, when a trader is short, he can look at support points to set targets and to set exit points for the trade. Like we did while understanding resistance, let us imagine a bearish pattern formation – perhaps a shooting star at 442 with a high of 446. Clearly, with […]