This module describes the preinstalled system databases, the physical structure of databases and the most common configuration options related to them. This course is best suited to database administrators, specifically those who work closely with Microsoft SQL Server 2016. It is also relevant application developers who deliver content from SQL Server databases. Monitoring performance metrics provides a great way to assess the overall performance of a database solution.

Read reviews from recent accelerated courses below or visit Firebrand Stories for written and video interviews from our alumni. Your training consultant will discuss your background with you to understand if this course is right for you. This module looks at how to use Windows PowerShell with Microsoft SQL Server.

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It is important to understand how to create a minimal privilege security environment for jobs that run in SQL Server Agent. Protection of data within your Microsoft SQL Server databases is essential and requires a working knowledge of the issues and SQL Server security features. This module describes SQL Server security models, logins, users, partially contained databases, and cross-server authorisation. As well as learning skills specific to SQL databases, you’ll learn how to install, configure and manage SQL Server 2016 itself. This will teach you to setup SQL Server 2016 and prove you know how it functions within your business. The next content covers the SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio), its features and functions and how to install SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).

SQL Server 2016 Lessons

This module covers the configuration of Database Mail, alerts, and notifications for a SQL Server instance, and the configuration of alerts for Microsoft Azure SQL Database. In the previous module, you learned how to plan a backup strategy for a SQL Server system. You can now learn how to perform SQL Server backups, including full and differential database backups, transaction log backups, and partial backups. Although it is easy to execute all jobs in the context of the SQL Server Agent service account, and to configure that account as an administrative account, a poor security environment would result from doing this.

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This section provides you with the commonly used SQL Server functions, including aggregate functions, date functions, string functions, system functions, and window functions. Our dedicated Learning Advisors are here to help you curate a customised learning path tailored to your organisation’s needs and goals. Get Mark Richards’s Software SQL Server 2016 Lessons Architecture Patterns ebook to better understand how to design components—and how they should interact. View all O’Reilly videos, Superstream events, and Meet the Expert sessions on your home TV. Get full access to SQL Server 2016 Fundamentals for the Accidental DBA LiveLessons and 60K+ other titles, with a free 10-day trial of O’Reilly.

SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed and marketed by Microsoft. As a database server, the primary function of the SQL Server is to store and retrieve data used by other applications. You will receive step-by-step instructions for installation and setup and learn about the various options and upgrades available.

SQL Server 2016 Tutorial

SQL Server 2016 is Microsoft’s new relational database management system (RDBMS) release. It is an important application used globally by database administrators (DBA), database managers (DBM) and other database professionals in executing operations on stored data in databases. Such procedures related to the fundamental aspects, manageability and feature enhancements on the 2016 release are essential for prospective database professionals. Professionals in the industry can also take this course as a refresher training for SQL Server basics. Computer enthusiasts looking to explore database management using SQL Server have important functionalities they can learn from in this course. For any type of learner considering a future in information technology, we offer a perfect foundation for development in the IT field.

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