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If you want to know more head over to the about page for the origin story. Bots are incredibly useful moderating software (robots), which help keep your chat in check and update everyone on important information. Your bot can also engage your chat in mini games, manage song requests and so much more. It offers random announcements in stream, can create your own virtual currency, blocks abusive chat and much more.

Do streamers use bots?

And unscrupulous streamers don't just use them to boost their own views – they'll also use view bots as a weapon, targeting competitors to 'frame' them and get them banned from Twitch for viewbotting. Twitch view bots are also a major spanner in the works for advertisers, too.

Choose “Run as Administrator” from the context menu when right-clicking your Chatbot Shortcut. The chatbot could have been flagged as a virus by Windows Defender. Streamlabs The Visual C++ 2017 Redistributables are a prerequisite for running a chatbot, but they may not already be present on your computer.


Use the Export to Streamlabs Bot to optimise, regulate and track your significant processes in a single protected Workspace.Streamlabs bot. For a better understanding, we would like to introduce you to the individual functions of the Streamlabs chatbot. Our goal is to be objective,

simple and your first stop when researching for a new service to help you grow your business. We will help you find alternatives and reviews of the products you already use. Fussbot

– FussBot is a Chat Bot for YouTube Gaming aiming to provide you with everything you need to create a highly interactive and fun stream. Yes, Cloudbot integrates with various other platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and more.

After you have everything set up, you’ll need to pay close attention to the details and keep the bothersome chat spammers out of your business with careful monitoring. Since Streamlabs is freeware and open source, it is even more prone to bugs. Discover the benefits of having a live stream mod and how to find one that suits your needs as a streamer and your viewers.

Setting Up a Streamlabs Chatbot Step-by-Step

However, unlike the aforementioned Twitch bot, Nightbot can also be used on YouTube and Discord. You can relax the bot’s auto moderation for them, give them extra votes in your polls, only allow your subs to access certain features, etc. Your Moobot has built-in Twitch commands which can tell your Twitch chat about your social media, sponsors, or anything else you don’t want to keep repeating. We can now create our command inside the custom command editor. Luckily there is a template set up for the uptime command.

You CAN have Nighbot, Cloudbot, and the StreamElements bot running on your channel all at the same time. In fact, many streamers do have multiple bots on their channel running at the same time since different bots are better at certain things than others. Now when someone goes to chat on your Twitch channel, and they type in the ! Watchtime command, the StreamElements bot will respond with how long they have been watching your stream. It just might confuse some of your viewers and so I don’t recommend it. Now if you are using StreamElements, here is how you would add a !

How To Add The !watchtime Command On Twitch With StreamElements

Some people are looking for ways to simplify and help manage their Twitch platform, not overcomplicate things. Streamlabs will not help you to stay organized in terms of Twitch streaming, nor does it facilitate easy communication with your followers and viewers. It also takes great content, personality, and trust to grow a loyal following, which takes time.

streamlabs bot

Let your viewers interact with you through music, which increases their engagement and rewards loyalty. Your Moobot can make this a big encouragement for your viewers to follow or sub. You can now test to see if your command is working correctly in chat.

Additional Features

With your game chat handled by the bot, you can focus on the entertainment part of being a streamer or video-content creator. Features include raffles, giveaways (with tickets), music requests, mini-games, loyalty points, and a variety of counter-browse dialogues. A chatbot for Twitch and YouTube, Nightbot is a good, solid chatbot for your channel. It allows a user to automate chat in real-time with moderation. It is one of the most used chatbots and has been around since the launch of Twitch. It allows Twitch to spend more time entertaining your channel viewers.

What is Streamlabs Chatbot?

Connecting Chatbot to Discord [Desktop Chatbot] Streamlabs Chatbot can join your discord server to let your viewers know when you are going live by automatically announce when your stream goes live….

They can earn points through watching, subscribing, donating, etc.  They can then use those points in mini-games and in your store. If you are just starting out streaming, I would suggest you leave this /OFF/ until you have a full plan on how to use this feature. This is not about big events, as the name might suggest, but about smaller events during the livestream. For example, if a new user visits your livestream, you can specify that he or she is duly welcomed with a corresponding chat message. This way, you strengthen the bond to your community right from the start and make sure that new users feel comfortable with you right away.

What is Streamlabs?

I’ve had it refuse to cooperate many times, just as I’m all ready to start streaming. I have spent HOURS trying to get it to connect, and I have 14 years IT experience. Moderate your content for such video-sharing platforms as Twitch and Mixer. Overall, Streamlabs Chatbot is designed to simplify your stream, enhance your chat, and make life easier. Setting up a Streamlabs chatbot to your stream takes a couple of minutes but does not require any background experience with coding.

For example, bots that offer integration with Discord will notify active users when you go live. That way you don’t have to rely only on Twitch notifications. This bot is also available for those streaming through Discord, a platform with more limited options. What’s more, even when the user isn’t streaming, messages can be left on with a timer function. In this way, you can ensure visitors know exactly when and where to find you. The bot comes packed with a selection of minigames for users to play in chat, keeping themselves busy while you are taking a moment to thank donors or use the bathroom.


Because this is a live streaming software, you’ll need to download it and install it. You need to take some extra time to make sure that you’re using all of the features, and it can be a bit complex for the average user. This grabs the last 3 users that followed your channel and displays them in chat. This returns the “time ago” that the user of the command followed your channel. This returns the date and time of which the user of the command followed your channel. This lists the top 5 users who have spent the most time, based on hours, in the stream.

streamlabs bot

Almost all of the features mentioned won’t work unless you have their prime membership option, which of course, isn’t free. You have to sign up and log in to even access information about the prime option. You’ll also need to check your anti-virus software and make sure that Streamlabs is whitelisted so that it doesn’t block the platform. Additionally, open the firewall to ensure that the software connects to the internet and allows widget updates. In addition to using Streamlabs via a laptop or desktop, it does offer mobile app support for both Android and iOS smartphones.

What Can Cloudbot Streamlabs Chatbot Bot Do?

Now that we have loaded the settings, we can use that object to access the values defined in the UI. We now want to use these dynamically updated values instead of the hardcoded ones in our file. To this end, we’ll need to import some libraries to help with reading out this settings file. Save the file, go back to the Scripts section in SC and reload the scripts. This saves quite a bit of work and makes the script easier to handle for people who aren’t used to scripting.

streamlabs bot

If the bot was downloaded directly to your PC the process should be relatively similar. You begin by entering the bot’s website and Sign in/Log in/Connect first. Simply put – there is no bad time to get a bot, but it doesn’t hurt to start with the best means available to you. StreamElements has more limited payout options, offering only PayPal and credit or debit cards. You’ll notice a big overlap of features between Streamlabs and StreamElements, specifically when it comes to designing overlays, alerts, and donation options.

How to add a lurk command on Twitch – Dot Esports

How to add a lurk command on Twitch.

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Making money as a live streamer is straightforward when you use either Streamlabs or StreamElements. Both have donation options for streamers, and they function similarly. With either tool, you can generate a custom donation link for your channel, which your viewers click on to send you donations.

streamlabs bot

Is Streamlabs bot better than Nightbot?

Streamlabs Chatbot: has more features than Nightbot and it's pretty easy to use for anyone already familiar with Streamlabs OBS. Moobot: a similar program to Nightbot, Moobot offers some extra features; however it is not integrated with any other social media platforms (Discord, Twitter, YouTube).

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